Company Approach

Benetton Group is committed to being a globally responsible company, from social, environmental and economic points of view. It is a commitment to present and future generations as well as to the communities where the company is present, both in Italy and in the countries where it operates.
Our values have been at the heart of a commitment to social responsibility that has evolved over 50 years and that translates in the will to become agents of social change, by putting people at the centre of all our activities and by cooperating with all interested stakeholders.
Benetton is a global company that creates a global impact. For this reason its sustainability strategy is expressed on many, tightly interconnected levels that cover all the group’s areas of influence. It is, therefore, a comprehensive strategy that integrates social and environmental criteria, creating values that are shared and long lasting inside and outside the company.
In accordance with some of the most important CSR instruments that set out to balance corporate activities with human rights – for example, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (2011) and the European Commission’s Communication on CSR (2011) – guaranteeing sustainability in all its dimensions is a fundamental element of the group’s business strategy.

In its productive activities and supply chain management

From logistics to the finished product, the sustainable management of the supply chain is a key aspect of the sustainability strategy. Benetton Group carries out continuous monitoring of the social and environmental conditions in its supply chains. The firm is guided by its own Code of Conduct, which applies to anyone who enters into a business relationship with the company. Workplace safety and constant attention to improving working conditions in the supply chain are key priorities of our commitment. Among the initiatives it is undertaking to promote safety, Benetton is progressively applying the principles of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh to its producers in other global markets.

In its products

It is fundamental that the group’s products be sustainable not only in terms of production processes: they also have to be safe for consumers. For this reason we are at the forefront of efforts to eliminate dangerous substances and guarantee the highest safety standards in products.

In its community relations

Benetton Group seeks to grow together with, and help sustain, the local communities in which it operates, while being committed to social change.

VISIBLE CHANGE is the social channel dedicated to the Benetton Group sustainability engagement: